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    SQLyog saves the snapshot of last session if connection fails in C:UsersAppDataRoamingSQLyog. You can import that session file once connection is available from file->open session save points.

    in reply to: Req: Autocomplete For Mariadb Functions #35420

    Virtual/persistent columns are already supported for mariadb. Dynamic columns are not yet supported.


    All the functions of mariadb are not yet added but you can add your own string in autocomplete of SQLyog. Please refer-http://faq.webyog.com/content/8/93/en/can-i-add-my-own-strings-to-sqlyog-auto_complete.html?highlight=keywordsdb

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    Thanks for reporting it. We are looking into it.

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    I agree, If user just want to access content of other query tab and absolutely nothing else(user doesn’t want to navigate in his sever using Object browser, doesn’t want to execute query, and don’t want to go over table data tab, info tab..etc ) then SQLyog should allow you to do this. SQLyog then will restrict navigation to all the other tabs except query tabs.



    It makes a difference because there's very little cost associated with adding a new tab to an existing connection (in most programs anyway). However, opening multiple connections has a ton of overhead. Essentially, you're asking us to open multiple connections (a resource-intensive and wasteful work-around) in order to have the ability to continue editing SQL for the same database when a large query is running. If we changed our work-flow to fit your preferred method, we'd have multiple (tons) of connections open to the same database instead of multiple tabs open within a single connection. I can't understand how you wouldn't see this as a problem. Work-arounds like this shouldn't be necessary when dealing with advanced SQL clients.

    SQLyog when says create a connection, It just creates *A* connection. As I already said if user just want to edit the SQL and don’t need to do anything else, he/she must be able to do so. Navigating in database using OB, looking into table/info tab content requires opening of new connection to server, which SQLyog doesn’t do automatically.

    As far as I understood it is a limitation as to how SQLyog is implemented and thought of from the beginning, for one Tab (not connection) to not use more then 1 single connection to the DB.

    I think it is user’s way of thinking. This is not a limitation IMHO, if user asks to create single connection, client should create single connection. It should not go on creating connection whenever need arises without user’s consent. If user is happy to utilise connection resource of MySQL he/she can always create a new connection and do whatever he/she want. User will know what he/she doing, there is no hidden connection creation and termination in background.

    Having said that I also accept — only one connection per connection tab should not restrict user from accessing/editing his SQL written in query tabs.

    We will look into it.

    in reply to: Graphic Error In Copy Database #35364

    Thank you for reporting. We will fix this ASAP. Expanding dialog by dragging may solve the problem.

    We can look into it. But why don’t you just take hash of content of file excluding 

    SQLyog Job Agent v12.1 (64 bit) Copyright(c) Webyog Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    MySQL - 5.6.17 : Database - sys-controls


    Just taking hash after removing this header should work.

    in reply to: Networking Issue With Large Queries #35329

     I am not able to reproduce it. Please tell us, how long the query executes. Also tell us your server version (execute select version()).

    in reply to: Status Bar: Exec And Total Is The Same #35344

    @Peter-On SSH tunnel also issue is not reproducible. See attached image. 


    @larsen-I am executing multiple queries. The value for “Exec” and “Total” are the same or differ only by a second.

    What is this supposed to represent?


    IMHO it would be nice to have “Exec” show the current query and “Total” the sum of all executed queries of that batch.

    Please refer-http://faq.webyog.co…g-gives-me.html

    On batch execution Total time meant to represent  time taken from the time when you clicked execute button to time of completion, and execution time meant to represent only execution time of all the queries. They are updated as soon as any query finishes it’s execution.

    in reply to: Status Bar: Exec And Total Is The Same #35337

    Exec is time taken in execution of query. Total time taken from pressing of execution button to display of result (exec+network+others).

    in reply to: Import Excel Data – Incorrect Values #35324

    Thanks for the info  🙂

    in reply to: Import Excel Data – Incorrect Values #35322



    The value returned by your ODBC driver is used for insertion into the table. You number datatype in excel is SQL_DOUBLE for odbc driver. Please refer-https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms712640%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

    So here if you mapped DS_Scorecard_ID to Varchar(15) It doesn’t force the double value to be truncated. If you are sure you doesn’t want the value in double format(with “.0”) why not map  DS_Scorecard_ID to INT in import external wizard? I guess this will remove “.0” from the value returned from ODBC driver.

    in reply to: Networking Issue With Large Queries #35325



    Community version and paid version are same in this context so changing to paid version will not make any difference. 

    When you use stop button of SQLyog it kills the current thread and create a new connection which is copy of killed connection. Now as you are getting error 1094 it means that the thread which SQLyog is trying to kill, no longer exists. So I am curious to know whether there are any other process/user which kills the thread on server? May be a deadlock detector kills the thread if thread is involved in dead lock.

    There haven’t been any change in this basic functionality of SQLyog for long time. So please also tell what was the previous version of SQLyog in which this issue wasn’t appearing. But I really doubt that issue is of client.

    in reply to: "info" Tab Deadly When Clicking On Expand Database #35319

    If you don’t want the information in info tab please follow these steps to close it-

    1. Tools->preferences->uncheck infotab under query tab
    2. Now info tab will be on upper pane. Simply close it.

    Other workaround is remove focus from info tab while expanding database.

    in reply to: Possible To Run Two Queries At The Same Exact Time? #35318

    You need to create two connections to MySQL database.

    in reply to: Sql Database #35298

    What is the problem you are facing? Also I should have mentioned that for utf8 data you should select UTF8 with bom character set for exporting. UTF8 doesn’t work properly with excel so SQLyog have option to write BOM characters in starting of the file.

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