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    Hello everyone, am new in this forum and I want to ask can I import SQL database into excel sheet? Is it right than how to do it?

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    Hi bobthomas155,


    Yes It is possible. You can goto table->backup/export->export data as and select excel. Or just press CTRL+ALT+C to get export as dialog.

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    Thanks Abhishek, For your suggestion but still all data is not showing in proper way

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    What is the problem you are facing? Also I should have mentioned that for utf8 data you should select UTF8 with bom character set for exporting. UTF8 doesn’t work properly with excel so SQLyog have option to write BOM characters in starting of the file.

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    I just imported a .Sql file into my database and got an issue. Its been crazy. Its says “database not found” . Although the database already exists. Perhaps, this happens due to diffierent database name. Any suggestion?

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    Please tell your SQLyog version.


    I also do not understand “Perhaps, this happens due to different database name”. Please elaborate in detail how to trigger this. 

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    My SQLyog version 8.71, simply I used following code to import sql database in excel : SELECT * INTO DetailsImport1 FROM EXCELLINK…[Customers$].

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    Please refer this https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/ansi-diff-select-into-table.html

    MySQL Server doesn’t support the SELECT … INTO TABLE Sybase SQL extension. Instead, MySQL Server supports the INSERT INTO … SELECT standard SQL syntax, which is basically the same thing. See Section, “INSERT … SELECT Syntax”“.  


    So your statement is not supported by MySQL. However he error message is not good and not helpful to identify the problem.  But it is an error message generated by the MySQL server and not by SQLyog. Error message quality problems are frequenly reported to bugs.mysql.com. You may decide to report this one as well.


    Note that also the [square brackets] are not MySQL syntax. It is Microsoft (SQL Server and Access) syntax.  MySQL uses `backticks` for quoting identifers (unless ANSI sql_mode is used. In that case it is “double quotes”).  The complete MySQL statement syntax is documented here:  https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/sql-syntax.html

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    If I simplify your statement as much as possible:

    SELECT * FROM a INTO a_copy;

    I get the error

    — Error Code: 1327

    — Undeclared variable: a_copy

    The MySQL parser expects a “user variable” here. 


    It does not matter what tabels a and a_copy are like as long as they arei dentical  and whether tables are empty or not.



    This statement is correct for MySQL and works as expected:

    INSERT INTO a_copy SELECT * FROM a; 

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    Am totally agree with you. yes may be this error occurring from this select statement. Let me check again. Thank you so much

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