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SJA – Data Sync Based on Date Time Field

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      I have two databases in different physical locations, each table has a date time column.

      I want to sync the tables so they have the same data, but when updating each other, the row with the most current date time field should overwrite the older row.

      This would be a two way data sync.

      I know there is a “where” clause you can add in the SJA wizard, but I don’t know how to write the condition, as I need it to work both ways. Like:

      WHERE DB1.table1.dateTimeField > DB2.table1.dateTimeField then update DB2 with DB1 value, as DB2 is the newest data

      but also go the other way,

      WHERE DB2.table1.dateTimeField > DB1.table1.dateTimeField then update DB1 with DB2 value



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