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Crash On Copy To New Host (or Same Host)

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      Ultimate 12.11 (x64)

      Windows Server 2008 r2


      Every time I attempt to copy a database to a different host or the same host, the process seems to stop at the connection portion, then the application crashes.


      According to this thread: http://forums.webyog.com/index.php?showtopic=7719 a problem similar or the same was addressed back in 11.52.



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      Thanks for reporting it. We are looking into it.

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      I’ve been observing this problem since v8 of SQL Yog. That’s also when I started using Windows 7 after previously being on XP.  


      It doesn’t always crash, just sometimes.  Also noticed that the tables are normally copied in alpha order, but now it often starts with the last table, then goes back to the start. I don’t know if this is related to the bug/crash.


      I use this function frequently, so I can do dev testing with the latest data for various websites, so it’s important. Just now took 3 attempts, each one crashed SQLyog before it finally worked.

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      Is there any update on this issue? It’s still occuring, and it’s unpleasant to have paid for software that has a basic function that doesn’t work.

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      Please share the crash dumps which you got when SQLyog crashed.



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      Dump file as requested (posted below)

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      Dump file (second attempt)

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