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Error No.10 Http Error. Could Not Connect To The Tunneling Url

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    I use SQLYog for a while now, and it has been great, but, suddenly it started giving me an error:
    Error no. 10
    HTTP Error. Could not connect to the tunneling URL

    Everything worked fine until now, with the exact same settings!


    – I tried on every connection I have,

    – I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, cleared registry using CCleaner, restarted PC

    – I cleaned deleted no longer being used connections as well

    – I unchecked IPv6 protocol in network card as well, for both LAN and WAN as mentioned in here ( http://forums.webyog.com/index.php?showtopic=7008 )

    – Added SQLYog.exe and SJA.exe in allowed programs in firewall, did not worked then,

    – Disabled firewall, Disabled Antivirus 

    – Also I dont have ZoneAlarm installed at all

    – Double checked the SQLyogTunnel.php file and its path


    Strange thing is that, Software works well with the another PC here and just not working with my PC, though the settings and connection are exactly same as their


    Badly scratching my head. Dont know what to do now. 


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    Looks strange. 


    It could be a network issue. In particular if one machine is connected with cabled ethernet and another with Wifi.


    Try to temporarily disable firewall, AV and wha t other ‘secrity software’ you have in order to check if this is related. 

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    Try unchecking the box “Use Bulk INSERT”. This works for me because some of the tables I copy are very large and the a BULK insert creates a very long query string, I assume, which breaks things. I also go into Advanced (HTTP connection) and select “Use Base64” just because I’m paranoid.

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