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    It would appear that SQLyog can’t recognize the variance in signature for a column definition between versions of MySQL. In another words, even though “int(11)” and “int” are effectively the same field specification, SQLyog doesn’t recognize this and throws that error.

    The only thing we can really do is upgrade the source DB or go back to a “dumb” and slow tool like mysqldump.

    Very disappointing.


    I’m having the exact same issue. MySQL 5.6 to the MySQL 8 (MariaDB). I’m using the latest version of SQLyog. I’ve tried both to copy and sync. Both fail. It’s the sync tool that shows the definition match error. Doing a copy just spins along and says all is fine, but it really not. When it’s done I have no data in my target DB.

    I just paid to update my version of SQLyog expecting it would be able to do this for our migration from one hosting provider to another. If there isn’t a work-around, SQLyog is useless to us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)