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    i've done a backup of a database on yahoo. it is a wordpress database i am backing up.

    however i do not see an sql file type. instead i see an archive which when uncompressed has four directories





    the mysql directory has frm files, MYD, MYI files etc.

    the site directory contains similar files, but with wp_ prefixes

    such as wp_commentmeta.frm or wp_links.MYI files

    the web directory also contains files with wp_prefixes as well…

    however there is nothing in there that would allow me to import them, as far as i can tell.

    unless there is a secret import button i haven't seen…

    i will presume there is a way to convert these files to something readable and useful?

    suggestions welcome.

    thanks in advance

    on another front, this site was exposed to some sort of malware and i am trying to fix it, so if i cannot get at the data in the site, i would have to figure out another way, such as a total redo.

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    To migrate the data from Yahoo Mail to Office 365 you need to save your yahoo mailbox data into PST format which can be easily imported into Office 365 account. For the THIS user there is an option from which they can download the data from Yahoo Mailbox to local drive in PST format.

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