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When I Run A Code On Sqlyog I Get An Error Most Of The Time.

forums forums SQLyog SQLyog: Bugs / Feature Requests When I Run A Code On Sqlyog I Get An Error Most Of The Time.

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      SQLyog instead of running and producing a result gives an error most of the time.  However, when I run the same code in HeidiSQL it does run well and produce a correct result.  Sometimes when I close the “execute query” tab and reopen the SQL file again, it works correctly and I get a result.  A lot of time having a semicolon “;” at the end of the code produces errors, and when I remove the semicolon, SQLyog works correctly.  I do the coding in Sublime Text 2 code editor, and then I open the file in SQLyog (or in HeidiSQL) and run it.


      I don’t know why SQLyog fails to run and instead shows an error; could it be a bug causing this?  The problem is so bad that I cannot use SQLyog anymore.  Instead, I started using HeidiSQL again even though I like SQLyog GUI far more.


      Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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      Can you please tell what are the exact queries and the syntax that you enter in SQLyog. Also please explain the steps that you follow while writing those queries when the error occurs. Give us some screenshots so that we can look into it.



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      Hi Kartik,


      Thank you for your reply.  Please look at the attached pictures.  The same SQL query produces an error instead of giving a result when I copy and paste it to SQLyog, but when I copy and paste it to Heidi SQL, it gives a result.




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