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Visual Data Comparison Wizard

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      This wizard seems great – for comparing data between lookup tables we have on DEV and TEST to ensure they don’t go out of sync.


      How do I actually save my visual comparison job so I can re-run it on demand, I haven’t seen the option to do so. Can I export the results of the comparison at all and not necessarily merge anything?


      Also is it possible to e-mail the result of the comparison as the reporting wizard does?

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      Sibin A S
      Hello carltondickson, 


      There is a provision to re-run a job at will if the job was saved when it was created for the first time and the same job can be executed by selecting the option “Edit a saved job” from the ‘Visual Data Compare Wizard’ and choose the saved job file that has to re-run. 


      In ‘Data Synchronisation Wizard’, there is a provision to select the type of synchronisation to be performed by selecting the “Generate script” option that allows the user to view the comparison result(script is generated) and also gives the option to save the generated script to a file and not merge any data as such.


      In ‘Data Synchronisation Wizard’, there is also an option to notify the user by mail every-time when a comparison is done with the final result or when an error occurs during comparison.
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