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Visual Data Compare – Teh B0Mb

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      I don't know when this feature was introduced, but I just discovered it.

      I'm currently trying to figure out why server A and server B are behaving differently where the only difference is in the databases being used. Comparing these DBs would take ten times longer without VDC.

      SQLYog remains one of my top 5 most valuable tools for web development.

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      Version 10.5 releases notes from http://faq.webyog.com/content/33/7/en/sqlyog-version-history.html: “New major feature: 'Visual Data Compare' (in short 'VDC'). It is a third option for Data Sync in addition to the two already existing ('one-way synchronization' and 'two-way synchronization'). A VDC-job is started from a modified version of the Data Sync wizard (from the 'powertools' menu). With VDC you will be able to compare differences visually and specify tables and rows that shall be sync'ed as well as to decide in what direction to sync. A SQL preview is available. VDC is an ULTIMATE feature.”

      And glad to hear that you like it!

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