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V11.52 Crashing On Restore In Different Intranet

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      I’m using v11.52 on a laptop connected to an intranet. I open two connetions, one to a mysql server on localhost (my laptop) and one server on a maschine inside the intranet. Address of this server was given by ip address (, not name resolution. My laptop has got ip ( from same address space by intranet DHCP. I close SQLyog with this two connections open and sqlyog saves a restore point.


      Then I detach from the intranet (10.200.xx.xx) and physicaly connect my laptop to another intranet (192.168.xx.xx address space). The old address space 10.200.xxx.xxx. is not visible any more and my laptop gets a new 192.168 address from DHCP of second intranet.

      When I open SQLyog it tries to restore the connections and crashes (closing disgracefully). When I start it again (second start) it says that not all connections could be restored and starts with only the connection to localhost open (as aspected).

      So crash is only on first start in different address space. Second and later starts are OK.



      Dr. Jürgen Kehrel

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      When I open SQLyog it tries to restore the connections and crashes (closing disgracefully)



      Crashing means does the application hang or application prompt a message saying that it is crash. As regards “crash dumps” look in the folder


      Windows 7: 



      for files named like “SQLyog_Dump_xyz.dmp” (xyz is a number). Only files larger than 0 bytes are interesting and if there are more please try to identify the correct one(s) from the time it was saved. Please attach those crash dumps here.




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      Hi Sathish


      SQLyog is running on Win7 64-bit (host) inside VMWare Workstation 9 with Win XP Sp3 32-bit. (client) and network bridged (not NAT).

      Application message says that SQLyog is closing because of a crash.

      2 dumps from that day as attachments.




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      Thanks for the dump files. We tried analyzing the dump but we were not able to get any useful information from it. Could you please tell us if the issue is consistently reproducible?




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      .. and also if you did not alerady, please try to  reboot your system. Windows memory corruption unrelated to SQLyog can cause this. Or another running application can.

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