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      OK guys- I've just bought a 5-year subscription, like many others, i originally purchased as a black Friday deal, so this time of year is my renewal time.

      I'm happy to buy this product as it currently fits my needs, however last May when V10 was released, i had to un-install and revert back to v9 due to you guys changing everything and me not being able to just open the app and do some work. I lost confidence in the product and continued to use v9 until a month or so ago when i had some spare time to re-install V10 with the data tab back and take a look at the changes.

      As a customer, I need useful features and bug fixes. I work with php and databases; i'm not an artist, fancy colored icons do not interest me.

      The addition of the table filter has secured my continued support as i have 100's of tables, all of which are prefixed by type, e.g. shop_, mail_, forum_, etc so the filter works extremely well for me. When working on the shop, i add “shop_” to the filters and volla! only shop tables are shown. Perfect, thank-you.

      This year, can you please concentrate on the bugs, no matter how minor, and get them all cleared up, then add the features that users are asking for please?

      I'm not seeing many bug fixes and features requests being added to the software; requests from 2009 are still not in the software which I think is poor for such a popular product.

      Anyway, I've bought 5 years updates for the price of 2 years ($138), so for now, I'm happy. In 5 years time, if nothing has changed and I'm still not seeing features and bugs being addressed in a timely manner, whilst your busy changing icons and skins and deleting the data tab, I will be buying someone else's software.

      Cheers guys 🙂

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