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Updated To 12.19, "table Data" Tab No Longer Works

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      I updated to v12.19 today and while I can still do normal queries (select * from tablename) what I can’t do now is navigate to a table and see all of its data with the Table Data tab. I click the tab and all I get is the spinning cursor until I eventually give up and force close the program, leaving 3 ‘plink.exe’ processes running that I also have to kill.


      I’ve fully uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled with no luck. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate and haven’t had any issues with previous versions of SQLYog.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated!





      update: sorry this is obviously in the wrong forum. Admin please move.

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      I have replied in the ticket you created.


      We will check. But it is not reproducible for me (also not with SSH tunnel). I doubt there is any change in 12.19. 

      How many rows does the table have? Do you use a LIMIT (globally for this table) or not? … Is it the same with all tables? Are you not even able to use the ‘abort’ button (the red cross marked in one of the images). SQLyog will wait for the server to return the result from the query that was sent to the server. As long as this has not hapenedyou cannot do anything but wait (or killl the thread)

      It also may be your connection quality that has detoriated or the server has just become terrible slow. You may check wiht any client (command line orwhatever running from same machine as SQLyog. Simply copy the statement from SQLyog HISTORY tab and execute the statement in this other client. It happens almost everytimne we release a new version that some user will run into a problem after upgrading and assume that the problem is with SQLyog. But it may be a coincidence that it happens almost simultaneously. First step in such case should always be to check that the server/hosting is working properly.



      Please conntinue either here or there. It is easiest to have eall information in one place. 

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