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Update "admin" password in the ini file.

forums forums Monyog Using Monyog Update "admin" password in the ini file.

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    Joe Gibbs (Hurley)


    We are running Monyog Ultimate 8.4.0 and i need to set the admin password. However regardless of what I enter it is not recognized as the password. I also can’t find anything in the tool that allows me to reset the ‘admin’ password.

    What is the format of the password field in the ini file?

    How do I reset the admin password for v8.4.0?

    THe documentation for this version does not seem to be accurate when it comes to resetting the passwords.

    joe gibbs

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    Sibin A S

    Hi Joe,

    The default password for the ‘admin’ user is blank/empty string by default. To reset the admin password,

    1. Stop MONyog service
    2. Remove/empty the ‘Password’ string in the ‘MONyog.ini’ file and save it
    3. Restart MONyog service

    After removing the password and restarting the MONyog service, you should be able to login to Monyog UI using ‘admin’ username and a blank password (i.e., no password).

    You can find ‘MONyog.ini’ file based on the mode of installation:

    • Windows:
    • rpm package:
    • tar package:

    You can also reset the ‘admin’ user’s password from the Monyog UI (after logging into Monyog) by clicking on the ‘Change Password’ option under the ‘User Profile’ icon on the top-right corner. Please refer the screenshot for the same,

    Change Password

    We’ll update the documentation and thank you for getting it to our notice.


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