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Transfer time

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    Scott Maclaren


    Im looking for some guidance

    despite having read your guide I cannot understand why the SHOW PROFILE total time is completely different to the SQLYog times

    I have the following perfectly straightforward query, on a primary key

    Query: SELECT * FROM OrderItem WHERE ID = 2000000

    SQLYOG Messages shows:

    1 row(s) returned

    Execution Time : 0.309 sec
    Transfer Time : 0.001 sec
    Total Time : 0.310 sec

    SQLYOG Profiler shows:

    Total 0.00282

    clearly these are very different. Im trying to figure out if I have a problem with that query or not!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sibin A S


    The time taken displayed in the ‘Messages’ tab is the time taken by SQLyog to render the query result in the UI from the moment the query execution started from the client (SQLyog).

    You may refer the documentation for more info, here

    For the data displayed in the ‘Profiler’ tab, we execute a set of statements which can be viewed in the ‘History’ tab. The time shown in the ‘Profiler’ tab is just the time taken by the MySQL server to execute the respective query.


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