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Too Many 'aborted Connections' Received

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    We have experienced a sudden increase in ‘Aborted connection’ messages in the sql log over last few days.  This has led to application outage in some cases. 


    Here’s an extract from log:

    [Warning] Aborted connection nnnnnnn to db: ‘db_name’ user: ‘user_name’ host : ‘host ip address’ ( Unknown error)


    1. Our ‘wait_timeout’ variable in MySQL is set to 28800, which is probably the default.

    2. The ‘aborted_connects’ system variable has a value around 92000. It increased by 17000 in last 24 hours.

    3. Our ‘Collection Interval’ setting is 20 seconds.


    Also it’s been 2 weeks since we upgraded to Monyog 6.25 .

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    Please provide us with the following information:


    1. Are you using a direct connection or ssh connection to connect to your server through MONyog?


    2. Is the user specified in the above error being used in any other applications other than MONyog?


    3. Do you have any CSO (Custom SQL Object) enabled in MONyog?


    4.  Please send us the MONyog.log file, based on your installation and OS it can be found at:



    Linux System:

    for RPM: /usr/local/MONyog/MONyog.log
    for .tar: /MONyog/MONyog.log


    Also, please create a support ticket at support@webyog.com, and we will continue there.




    Team MONyog.

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    1. direct connections

    2.  user is only used from the application to connect to DB

    3. Pre-existing CSOs are enabled

    4.  Every few hours , a series of messages repeat

       WARNING : Possible SQLite DB corruption ( has existed before the outage inour logs)

       Received signal SIGKILL/SIGSTOP……..  — IGNORING SIGNAL

       Monyog signaled to syop

      Monyog stopped

       Monyog is starting

    Monyog started

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    We have upgraded our SQLite library in our latest release MONyog-6.51, can you please upgrade and see if the problem persists?


    Also, please send us the complete MONyog.log file to “support@webyog.com”, so that we could look into the issue.




    Team MONyog.

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