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The Server Understood The Request, But Will Not Fulfill It.

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      For the last few years I’ve done a daily backup of a number of sites but suddenly one of them “fails” with the error on a specific table


      The server understood the request, but will not fulfill it.


      The backup works for everything but the affected table. The table looks fine and I can “optimize” but it looks like something may be locking it, perhaps?


      Is there an easy explanation for this?

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      This happens with HTTP tunnel, I think? 


      Anyway, if you have SUPER privilege then try to SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST and kill threads having been idle for very long time (or restart MySQL would also terminate any locks, it this is the problem).

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      Hi Peter


      Yes it’s tunnelling.


      SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST returns a one line result with the time column showing zero.


      The site is on shared hosting so I have no ability to get in and restart mysql etc.


      The backup runs and the remaining tables back up ok.

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      hmmmm .. one idea and a few more questions


      1) Try lowering CHUNKS and/or BULKS. Refer http://faq.webyog.com/content/24/101/en/about-chunks-and-bulks.html. Note that the setting in ‘preferences’ has no effect for ‘scheduled backup’. The settings are in the wizard – please see image [attachment=2043:chunkbulk.jpg].


      2) Can you view the table in SQLyog “Data” tab?


      3) Is it a very big table?




      If 1) does not help. I think you will have to contact your hosting support for help with this. There may be some permissions issue or some setting on this server allowing only small amounts of data to be processed per query.

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