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Tables With Floating Point Datatypes Fail To Update

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      I know that there is an entry on the FAQ about this: http://faq.webyog.com/content/29/162/en/tables-with-floating-point-datatypes-fail-to-update.html

      If you have a table with a float column, SQLyog will fail to update entries in that table if it doesn’t have a PK. However, the problem is in the SQL statement SQLyog generates, which puts the float values in quotes, like this:


      UPDATE `table`.`column` SET `columnToChange` = NULL WHERE  `floatColumn` = ‘0.3’

      If you try to run this statement manually, it’ll also fail to update. If you, however, simply remove the quotes in the 0.3, like this:


      UPDATE `table`.`column` SET `columnToChange` = NULL WHERE  `floatColumn` = 0.3


      Then it works.

      Why doesn’t SQLyog do this automatically? Is there any problem or difficulty in removing the quotes?

      Thanks in advance, Andre.

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      Even without quotes it will not always update the table. This is not the problem of quotes but the Floating-point numbers. Floating point numbers are not stored as exact value,they are approximated. For more details read this http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/problems-with-float.htmlThat’s why we suggest to use primary key. Here again, primary key shouldn’t be a floating point type, otherwise same problem will be faced.
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