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Store Procedure In My Sql

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      HI friend,

      I am very excited to know about store procedure uses with java technology.recently i develop application Restful web service by using java technology.

      I used My-Sql data base .By using web services ,application gets data from database by using store procedure.

      Dear i have problem when i want to get JSON out put on cross domain by using ajex and j query. Bu t json out put get on Rest clint.

      If u have any idea please share with me

      Thanks in advnce.


      Email me

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      Well .. this is not really an apporpraite palce to ask such question! it is not related to any of oru products. Anyway does this help: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/connector-j.html ?

      In Webyog we don't use Java with MySQL (and hardly use Java at all, actually), so we cannot help. I also doubt you will get much feedback from users here. The MySQL Forums ( http://forums.mysql.com/ ) would be a more appropriate place.

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