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Sqlyog Not Working

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      Hi Team!!!!!!

      I use a SQLyog-10.3.0-1Trial Version for 30 days on win XP SP3. From last few days SQLyog is not running on user

      logging but it is running on administrator logging. i check all the setting related to SQLyog and also check logs. There

      is no error in logs. After that i give the administrator permission to user and then run the SQLyog and it show that 30

      days has been complete for SQLyog-10.3.0-1Trial Version. Then i log of our system and log on by administrator, and

      run the SQLyog and now it's running.

      I confused if it is trial version and it show the message “30 days has been complete for SQLyog-10.3.0-1Trial Version”.

      on User logging, then why it is running on administrator logging and why it's not show the same message on administrator


      Please help me for this issue…………..

      Thanks & Regards

      Munish Kumar

      System Admin.

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      The simple explantion is that the TRIAL has expired for one user but not for the other. Just as the license for commercial versions is *per user* the TRIAL period also is *per user*.

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