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Sqlyog Makes Me Look Good!

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      I work in Operations at Samsung.   Periodically we are asked to replicate the data on our Production servers to the Staging servers for testing. Used to be a manual process where we dumped the Prod DB, copied it over, then restored on the other system.   Tedious.   I loaded SQLyog,  set up connections to both DBs,  and used the Sync tool with the Visual sync.   Instead of requiring all records to be transferred, it just let me copy the updated and new ones.  It let me see what was going on instead of working blindly.  It ALSO detected (and fixed) a schema mismatch caused by a patch the engineers forgot about.

         For some reason,  people around here seem to think you have to do everything from the command line,  and don’t look for better ways to get things done.  Me, I prefer to find the easiest way to get things done.  SQLyog let me do in seconds a process that used to take considerably longer, and I have been showing it around and people are excited!  Except the poor Mac users…. 

       Now, if only there was DynamoYog and MongoYog…… and Cassandrayog…

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      Sibin A S



      Although SQLyog cannot be used on MAC OS directly, you can run SQLyog by running it on Wine. The details for the same can be found in our FAQ  >> http://faq.webyog.com/content/31/181/en/can-i-use-sqlyog-on-a-mac.html


      You may use the Winebottler package >> “http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/“ to set up the Wine environment. 




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