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      I am sure it’s been requested before, but I am going to push as well… I love Sqlyog. but a couple years ago I converted to the dark side and went Mac for development and took Parallels along for the ride to help with some of the programs I used in windows. But recently I realized that SQLyog was the only program I use in windows and I am spending $60/yr + hassle + massive resource usage to keep SQLyog running under mac environment.


      I tried it under Wine a couple years ago and did not like the experience which is why I went to Parallels.


      I even went as far as looking for a new SQL IDE and was displeased with what’s on the market. SQLyog is a great product and would love to see a Mac client. The dark side needs a good MySQL IDE!!! Also, statistics has been showing that more and more online developers are developing on macs (usually for linux servers) 🙂





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      You have probably read replies to similar questions appearing here before.


      SQLog is a program that makes extensive use of the Windows API (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_API).  This API is a *huge* extension to the C++ programming languages. In the Unix world there are numerous libraries available offering similar functonalities in “small portions” (“curl” for networking, a number of graphics libraries (gtk+ for instance) etc.). But they are *similar* only. They are not a direct replacement. And in SQLog source code a very large fraction of codelines are actually dealing with the Windows API (preparing parameters for function calls etc.). In some cases replacing may be rather trivial (I think replacing wininet.dll with curl would be quite easy) but in other places it would require a complete rewrite of the logic inside the program. It cannot be done by one person in a year. It may take 5 or more man-years.


      And this would an investment we cannot justify. A lot of Linux users would love a native Linux version (but only if it is free, mostly), and despite the increasing market share of Apple systems we dont believe the revenue from a Mac version would match the investment.


      So there are still no plans for a Mac version of SQLyog.

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