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Sqlyog Crash Typing In Table Filter Box

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      SQLyog Ultimate

      12.14 64 bit

      Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit

      Wine 1.6.2


      This has happened a couple of times recently.  I was typing in the table name filter box and SQLyog crashed. 

      Dump is attached.

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      We will check this and get back to you. Thanks for your patience in advance.

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      Can you reproduce this crash at will? We are not able to reproduce it on the same environment at all. Moreover the crash is also of no help here. Please tell if there is some specific word or case that SQLyog crashed when you type in the search bar. If possible please provide us a test case.



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      I cannot reproduce at will, but it is still happening occsaionally.  I’ve noticed that it seems to happen more when I type rapidly in the filter box. I don’t remember it happening when I type slowly.  The next time it happens I’ll collect some data and try to reproduce it.

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      I also have the same issue 11.42 64 bit running wine too.


      What version of windows are you emulating ? Mine was set to XP, Currently changed to windows 7 and  no crash has happened yet 

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      I am now on Ubuntu 16.04 (XFCE) 64 bit and Wine 1.6.2

      SQLyog 12.2.6


      This is happening a few times a day. It seems more frequent than before.

      Is there any hope or help for this issue?

      I have a dump file if that would be of any use. (SQLyog_Dump_009.dmp)

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