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    Hello all,  Can anyone tell me how SQLyog import to external data and how many process to do this?

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    First of all  I have moved this to teh proper Forum  (SQLyog, not MONyog, category.


    I am not sure I understand “how SQLyog import to external data and how many process to do this”. But if I do, the answer is that SQLyog as such always runs in a single process (but a multi-threaded process): Modern Operating Systems mostly uses multithreading rather than inter-process communication for concurrency. In addition to this, there will be one or two PLINK processes if you use SSH-tunnel (two if you have autocomplete enabled) plus a Windows system process handling the ODBC-driver. Launching an SJA-module will start an sja.exe process and possiibly a PLINK-(‘slave’)-process, too. 


    Maybe we could provide a better reply if you told why you are asking? What are your concerns? 

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    I read SQLyog is a GUI tool for RDMS Mysql that’s  why I just want to know how SQLyog import external data? Because in other platform we do this by programming code.

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    With SQLyog you don’t need to it by programming code. You just need to follow some simple steps which involve selecting the the correct options and clicking some buttons.. 😉 You can read all about the import external data tool here..> http://sqlyogkb.webyog.com/category/270-import-external-data.



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    Hi, Thanks for sharing an exclusive and more beneficial resource that’s contain lots of process to import external data. In this site discussed about DNS setting am not sure its like SQLyog sever. Can you describe, how to setup DNS setting with SQLyog?

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    Please see this article in the above link given earlier.. You will find all the details to create a new DSN here..>> 




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