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Sqlyog 12.1 Flat Design

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      I’d like to know, if there will be a “skin” bringing the old Windows 7 design back after 12.1 upgrade.

      Am I an alien not wanting that Win8 Flat design?


      Maybe I get used to it – but I hate it.


      Any opinions out there?



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      We are considering what feedback we get.  We did not expect this chance to go uncommented. We appreciate feedback, but it is also very important for us to consider Win8/10 and new standards defined by those, as well and the diversity of Windows system – small devices, large screens etc.


      You can change the color appearance of SQLyog from tools->preferences->other->themes->twilight. We are also discussing icons and there look on different backgrounds. We will conclude it in ~2 weeks.

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      Is there any way to set a background color for line numbers in the Query Editor?


      It is very distracting, when I am not able to see where is a zero position in editor line.

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      Yes..Tools->preferences->font & editor->colors->editor->line number margin.

      Set background and foreground color as needed.

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      Thank you.

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      I registered just so that I could input on this UI change. We have been using SQLYog for years here and we have been confused by the UI change. The Flat buttons are definitely painful to look at, and they tend to blend into the background very easily. Maybe we could allow an option to skin the whole UI and replace the buttons? Or try a little bit of an outline around the images? Or maybe just not as flat?

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      We are doing some rework to eliminate the issue with icons. In next public release we will include these fixes.

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      I am assuming this ‘flat’ design refers to the new skin that has been applied to 12.1?  

      If so, can we please have an option to go back to the previous skin and icons – NOW.  

      This new design is terrible, really hard on the eyes!  This is also why I won’t go to Windows 8 – crap design.

      If the next release still has no option to revert to the ‘classic’, then it will be Bye Bye sqlyog after more than 10 years of use.


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      Please read my concluding comment here: http://blog.webyog.com/2015/03/26/introducing-sqlyog-12-1-fresh-modern-design/ 


      We did not expect this change to go uncommented by users and also not that we would not have to make adjustments after the 12.1 release. However we have to realize that Windows 10 is the “future Windows” for as much time as we can look forward – and that is so, no matter if you and I like it or not. Windows XP is dead , the remaining service life of WinVista is 2 years and for Win7 it is 5 years. We need to aim our business towards the future.”  


      Windows is changing rapidly. And it never was defining the path of oru developments when a user threatened to stop using the program.  This has happened several dozens of times already.  We are doing better  paying attention to the majority of users (and I bet they will be Windows 10 users soon).  Also we cannot afford nostalgia.  IAlso i really does not matter if you and  like Win 8/10 or not.  From this summer Windows 10 will be THE Windows. 


      Next release will have the fix for icons display  display for users using XP/Vista/Win7/ ‘classic’ theme (an option WIn8/8.1/10 do not have).  Also some icons and other will be reworked being less ‘pastel’ (probably – our designer has just started today – but I asked for this myself) . We will take the discussion from there after next release. I do not exclude more changes including user options later, but nothing has been decided about it yet. 

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      Yeap, peterlaursen…

      unfortunatelly the world is in hands of stupid gui(?) designers whose brilliant minds are anything but user related.


      That’s the case with the “minimalist look” in new(?) designs… this way, win10 look is more related to win3 than win7… more than 20 years of gui stability f**k off because of a stupid guy following other stupid changes saying well that’s what everybody wanna…


      Just a little examples:

      * Exchange the slide bars button/background tones and remove up/down arrows… it’s a pleasure to have trillions of clicks every day, done in the wrong place

      * Remove the up arrow in win explorer… and force everybody to “navigate”(?) the path, it’s wonderful, no?

      * Remove the start button in win 8… it’s “useless”, no?

      * Hide your icons instead graying them… they are “useless” and now everything is gray, and besides, you’ve short term memory, don’t you?


      that kind of gui designers should be castrated, the least.




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      +1 for not liking the flat “blinding white” style. Version 11’s design is far better.


      Themes seem to be the way to go in development tools these days. Currently its way to close to Microsoft’s horrid flat “white” look in the Office 2013’s design, that they are really hearing about from their userbase. I am tempted to downgrade as I had to do with Office. Please consider useing dark “themes” in your designs. Many of us work in dark environments, so blinding white is painful to look at, and the trend of “flat design” is just plain boring and ugly.


      Thanks for your consideration. 🙂

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