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Some Of The Chinese Translations Are Incorrect.

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      Some of the Chinese translations are incorrect. I want to commit some of them. Could someone have a discussion with me?

      My Email: tiance1986@163.com

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      Well .. we would be happy to have feedback on that. We use a professional translation agency, but they may not be too familiar with database terms etc.

      I see three optitons

      1) You can simply post here – structure it like this (for instance): 1) English term 2) Incorrect Chinese term we use 3) Correct Chinese term as you would prefer it.

      2) You may also mail to support@webyog.com. This will create a support ticket that both you can SQLyog team (nad nobody else) can access.

      3) .. or alternatively update the XML file that we use at compile time and give to us here or in a ticket. Read here how to access it:: http://www.webyog.com/blog/2011/10/17/how-to-localize-sqlyog/ : “To check out the localization kit for the latest SQLyog GA release use the link https://sqlyog.googlecode.com/svn/branches/stable_ga/localization/”

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      I have to say, I met too much shortcuts issue. They are all useless. And I turned to translate some of them and have it tested on my local installation environment. I am going to put the files here, if it is needed, please create a ticket to keep track.

      This time, I wanna make a consensus for shortcut solution:

      For example:

      Co&py All

      “Copy All” is translated to “复制全部”

      but there is a shortcut 'p', common solution is that put the shortcut into a brackets after the Chinese Character. the shortcut character is using upper case.

      So the final result is:


      Is that OK?

      If we meet truncation or layout issue, I will seek for another solution such as another translation.

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      1) I Don't know technical detals about shortcuts. Our developer team will update as regards this. But the next few days will be very busy here so I cannot promise a reply Monday.

      2) Truncation etc. I believe we checked carefully for that. Also the program code contains some logic that will postion elements dynamically so that one element should not collide with another. Anyway if you find something please describe what you find

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      @Tance .. you never updated here. Are you waiting for us? Have you lost interest in this? Or have you just been too busy to consider this? Or do you think that you have already provided us with what information we need?

      I have added a note to our issue-tracker here: http://code.google.c…/detail?id=1826

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