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Schema Synchronization Tool: Ignore Definers?

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    Hello everyone. My situation is that I have to keep multiple databases schema-synced, but the data is slightly different in my different databases. The schema synchronization tool is quite useful to me to help me continuosly do that.

    However, for views and stored procedures, I can't discern changes because the definers are different because the databases are located on different hosts (but could possibly also have different users) which changes the definers.

    Therefore, whenever I do a schema sync I don't really see what's new I'm just propagating all the views/stored procedures from my primary database across all our production servers.

    Is there/can there be some way of asking the sync tool to ignore the definers and just discern differences in the body of the procedure/view? Thank you.

    (I use SQLYog, I seem to have misplaced this thread, any admins out there can help move this thread over there? Sorry)

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    Your post has been moved to SQLyog category

    — and we have this request already here: http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=324

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