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Schema Synchronization Tool bug in 13.0

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      Apologies if this is a double post. I tried once and did not see it in the forum, so trying again.

      SQLyog Ultimate 13.0
      Ubuntu 16.04
      Wine 1.6.2

      When I run the Schema Synchronization Tool every single table generates the following difference even those that have recently been copied from the target database to the source database. This was working properly before 13.0.

      /* Alter table in target */
      ALTER TABLE egg_ledger ROW_FORMAT = Dynamic ;

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      Sibin A S


      We have replied to you in the ticket created, and reply goes like,

      Please refer release notes http://blog.sqlyog.com/sqlyog-mysql-gui-13-0-released/ “‘ROW_FORMAT’ parameter is now handled in the Schema Synchronization comparison.”

      .. as well as MySQL documentation on
      5.5: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/innodb-row-format-specification.html
      5.7: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/innodb-row-format-specification.html
      .. in 5.5 InnoDB row_format default is ‘compact’ – in 5.7 it seems to be ‘dynamic’ (though I don’t see it clearly documented. However all my 5.7 InnoDB tables use ‘dynamic. even though I never specified it globally nor at table-level).

      .. so this is a real difference on how the table are created and data stored on the two servers (you probably never specified this and servers applied different defaults). We just did not consider this parameter before (but we should have done, really).

      To identify the InnoDB row_format default on a server execute “SHOW [GLOBAL] VARIABLES LIKE ‘innodb_default_row_format’;” (SHOW CREATE TABLE does not list this)
      .. and to see this setting for tables in a specific database execute “SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM database_name;”.

      You can execute the script generated by Schema Sync once, and next comparison does not find this difference. However, for large tables it may take some time to execute the ALTER TABLE statements, as data will be completely rewritten on the server)

      Also note, that in the SQLyog CREATE/ALTER TABLE GUI we have (in the ‘advanced’ tab) an option to specify the ROW_FORMAT.

      We have also added this request to exclude the ‘ROW_FORMAT’ comparison to our tracker, here

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