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Scheduled Backup Not Working Using Ssh

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      Until now I have been accessing databases using the wildcard %, however my host recently closed wildcard access and I now have to access using SSH.

      SQLyog works fine with SSH in the GUI and I can access the database.

      When I use the wizard to set up the backup in the first screen I select to use an existing connection which it accepts and lets me select the database required on the server.

      However the scheduled backup always fails with the message

      ERROR: 2003 Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (0) Error in connection.

      Same happens when I run the task from Scheduled Jobs.


      I have tried deleting all the files (connection profile and sja tasks) and creating again from the wizard, but that makes no difference.


      The strange thing is that I can set up another profile to a different server/domain and SSH works fine for scheduled backups.


      Could this be a server issue, though I can’t see why if the GUI works ok with that profile why the scheduled backup should not work.


      I am attaching a copy of the xml file created by the wizard, I have masked the sensitive information.










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      Sibin A S



      This seems to be a server issue as SQLyog is not able to connect to the respective server. Any client connecting from same host with same connection details would face the same problem. 


      You may refer our FAQ that lists the reasons for this error, here >> http://faq.webyog.com/content/23/15/en/error-no-2003-can_t-connect.html


      Please check for “skip_networking” and “bind_address” settings in MySQL configuration of the server that does not connect. 




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