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Scheduled Backup Doesn't Put Files In Correct Location

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      I just purchased the software, primarily to backup a couple of MySQL systems.  I created the jobs and opted to schedule them.  I set them up to run last night.  When I came in this morning, no files.  I opened Task Scheduler and found only one job.  In the Task Scheduler log, it shows the job ran last night at 6 p.m., but I don’t have a file in the destination folder.  I ran the task manually, it completed successfully, but I didn’t get a file.  I searched my entire computer and finally found the backup files in C:WindowsSystem32. 


      When I created the job, I specified the path to a folder in my documents.  If I execute the job via the program interface Powertools > Scheduled Jobs > Execute, it goes to C:WindowsSystem32.  When I originally created the job and chose Run Immediately, it put the files in the proper location.


      Any ideas why I can’t get the files to go to the proper path?

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      Sibin A S

      Hi George,


      Please try giving the entire file path to which the backup file has to be generated in the respective field in the “How do you want to generate the script” dialog window under the “Scheduled Backups” option. 


      You can also choose from the option to either overwrite the already existing file or append to the existing file.




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