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Save Session On Closed Connections

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      SQLyog saves the query tabs for connections that are open when the program is closed. This is really, really great.


      I wish it would also save the contents of connections that are manually closed, independent of the closing of the entire application, and restore that session when that connection is later reopened.


      My use case:

      For our production systems, I normally connect to the database with a read-only user ID, so that I don’t inadvertently change something that I should not.  When I need to make an update, I open a new connection with a R/W user, make the changes, then close that connection. There are frequently occasions where I need the previous SQL statements again when I re-open that R/W connection, but I don’t want to go to the trouble of saving a file, because it is only a short lived situation.

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      Sibin A S

      Hi Mitch,


      SQLyog currently store only the tab contents that are kept open while closing SQLyog. As a workaround, you may save the session using the menu “File -> Save Session” or even a save only the required tab contents using the menu “File -> Save” which you can later open through SQLyog.




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      Thanks for that information. Both of those workarounds are valid. My problem with those is that I have to choose a file name for saving and then remember what that filename was later. This would not be a problem on a small scale, but I do it many times a day, and those times start to add up.


      I guess I’m asking for a change in the way SQLyog operates in this situation. For me the current situation creates a somewhat inconsistent user experience, because some of my sessions are saved automatically (the ones open when I close the app) and others are not (those that I close separately).


      Here are my ideas on ways to implement this. Given what I’ve seen of the application, I would guess that none of these are a lot of work.

      1. Automatically save each session that is manually closed, similar to how they are saved when the app is closed. Do this in addition to whatever action the user chooses on the “Do you want to save the changes?” dialog? Restore this session when that connection is reestablished. 
      2. Add a “Save session in automatic location” to the File menu, that would save the session in the spot that is automatically restored when a connection is opened
      3. Add a tool bar button for #2
      4. Add a right click option to the connection tab for #2
      5. Add a “Save session in automatic location” to the “Do you want to save changes” dialog that pops up when a connection is manually closed.
Viewing 2 reply threads
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