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Restoring Lost Queries After Auto Session Restore Failed

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      First of all, great product, I’m impressed that even this scenario i’m about to describe is convered 😎


      After first starting the PC and starting SQLyog (and other programs), because of having connectivity issues I was presented with a warning dialog saying that my session was auto-saved to whatever path and was not restored because of connectivity issues. Clicked OK (shouldn’t have 😕 ), went on to fixing connectivity issues. After that i remembered the dialog from SQLyog and realised i didn’t copy or didn’t remember the before menioned path.


      Is there any default folder / location I should look into? I remember it hat an extension containing ‘sql’ but it’s a way to generic thing to lookup on my huge C: drive 🙁


      Can anybody tell me where to start looking (i’ve tried the obvious My Documents and the installation path)?


      Thanks in advance,


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      You can open the ’emergency-saved’ session from the menu .. file .. open session savepoint. The file was saved to your ‘user profile’ (C:Users{user}AppDataRoamingSQLyog). I don’t remember the filename but will inform shortly. 

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      The filename would be connrestore_backup.ysav. (C:Users{user}AppDataRoamingSQLyogconnrestore_backup.ysav)

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      Thanks dudes a lot 😎 It worked!


      You’re a lifesaver

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      I am facing a problem while restoring SQLyogconnrestore_backup.ysav file. Not restored all sessions.

      Is there a way to restore all tabs?

      Also, Is there a way to read the queries from that file in a readable format.

      Thanks in advance.

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