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Restore Session And Window Focus

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      a couple of versions ago you introduced the restore session functionality, which is awesome – thanks!


      However, sometimes a connection is saved to a server that’s really slow to respond, which means I’m looking at that “Restoring session” window for a couple of minutes. I’d really like a ‘Skip’ button there.


      Also, around the same time, whenever you start SQLYog the window doesn’t get focus, but appears behind other windows. Not really game-breaking, but pretty annoying after a while nonetheless.



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      1) I think that the option to skip session restore is a reasonable request.  I have added it to our issue-tracker here :https://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=2069


      2) if SQLyog is not opened  ‘on top’ of the desktop,  it could be because some other runnng application does something that brings it on top after SQLyog is launched but before SQLyog interface paints

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      1. Thanks!


      2. If that were the case I’d have known, but it happens consistently. Even when I start SQLYog and do nothing while I wait for it to appear. It looks lke the restore session window is being treated as the main window and the actual application gets pushed to the back or something. Running on Windows 7 by the way.

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      Just a reminder that both still exist – #2 still occurs on Windows 10. If I have an explorer window open and focused for example, and click my SQLYog shortcut on the taskbar, SQLYog is displayed directly behind that window.

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