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Release Notes Link Along Side Download Links

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      Satish K

      Everytime I see the notification in the SQLYog Client about a new version of the S/W being available, I wonder what has changed. But no links for the release notes are available, along side the download links. It would be nice to know what has changed, before attempting to download the newly available version. Does it have the fixes that I am badly waiting for? Or is it just another update that could wait. This could be useful for more folks too. I had to look around in the forums, do some searches etc, to find the release notes.

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      You can always read it here http://webyog.com/fa…n-history.html.

      Also a Google search on 'sqlyog release' find this. But let us discuss if we can add a link to the popup message.

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      For what it's worth, I'd like this, too.


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