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Relationships Between Tables

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      Hello !

      In my project I need to use 'MyISAM' tables.

      Unfortunately these tables do not support foreign keys.

      How can I display the dependencies of these tables in the designer?

      I think of a dotted line.

      Who can help with information ?

      Your sincerly


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      Hi ,

      which is the version you are using ?



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      In SQLyog Schema Designer this is not possible. The documentation says:

      Whatever you add or change from the Schema Designer will be stored to the database exactly the same way as when you work with the menu's of the program. There is no need to 'upload', 'apply', 'synchronize' the LAYOUT or anything like that. SQLyog Schema Designer is a graphical implementation of direct client functionalities. We work with the database that we are connected to – not with any kind of 'model' internal for the program“. So what is see in the Schema Designer is *what is in the database*.

      There also is no option for user to draw his own graphics on top of the 'Layout'. (be it lines, text boxes with comments or whatever). We have discussed this before but we have no plans of implementing such in the foreseeable future.

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      I have added this here: http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=1642

      But don't expect it soon.

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