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Query Editor Missing Random Characters When Opening A File

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    When opening the attached *.sql file in SQLyog, random characters seem to be dropped (line 23 in my SQLyog instance). I have noticed this on repeated occasions with different files, and was able to replicate it in v9.10 and v10.11. You can compare the text from the SQLyog query editor vs any text editor (I use notepad++). Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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    I have moved you to the correct category (you posted in MONyog and not SQLyog).

    We will check this.

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    OK .. issue confirmed.

    Please see image (with SQLyog and Notepad side by side).


    Is it the same for you or different?

    Can you also please tell with what program the file was generated? Ther may be some 'oddity' (such as non-printable characters) in the file. But we will check in a HEX-editor, of course.

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    Checked in a HEX-editor. Nothing 'odd' I can see. To me it only happens when opening the file from the 'file' menu, not when copy-paste into the editor. Other tools of various types can open the file.

    We will debug this and fix with priority. Thanks for reporting.

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    Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for moving it to the correct category–I didn't realize where I was posting. Yes you found the error. The file was generated and edited in notepad++, and I was originally thinking it could be an end-of-line difference (windows vs unix), but wasn't able to support that thought. Also, the error also occurs when you drag the file into the editor window (which is the same as opening, I presume). Thank you for getting on top of this so quickly.

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    This issue has been fixed in the development tree. The fix will be available in the next public release. Thanks for reporting.


    Vishal P.R

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