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Problem with Unique indexes when using the "Database Synchronization Wizard"

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      I have licensed SQLYog Ultimate because I like the Powertools. From the very first I had a problem with Unique indexes when using the “Database Synchronization Wizard”. I have a workaround, but as this bug was not fixed by all updates over the years, I’ll report this bug because it bugs me a lot 😉

      I have 2 databases that both contain a table named “images”. One of the databases (together with its tables) is genereted freshly from time to time by Symfony2 PHP Framework because new tables are added frequently. The database generating process seems to leed to different order of indexes in some tables, but that should not be a problem.

      On both databases the table “images” has 5 unique constraints defined, they can be seen under “Indexes”. The only difference between both tables is the order of the unique indexes.
      When I use the “Schema Synchronization Tool” to check that the structure is in sync, no differences are shown! The order of indexes is not seen as difference by SQLyog, I think.

      Now when I use the “Database Synchronization Wizard” to synchronize data, all table data is updated correctly EXCEPT for table “images”. I get an error: “UNIQUE KEY mismatch for ‘images‘ table”.

      My workaround is to export table data for table “images” on the first database and import it in the target database table (this is of cause only possible because I use “one-way synchronization”!)

      Would you please check this in a test scenario? Thanks a lot!

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      Sibin A S


      We are able to reproduce this issue at our end and we appreciate your effort in describing the steps to reproduce the issue. We are checking it and will get back to you soon. Thank you for your patience.


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      Same issue here:UNIQUE KEY mismatch for ‘dim_accountgl‘ table
      Only difference is the order of the keys, not their definition.

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