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Problem with changing MONyog directory

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      I have a problem while moving the installation directory from my MONyog to a larger directory.
      By default MONyog installs everything in / usr / local / MONyog but I would like to move to a directory with more space because I run the sniffer for queries a lot.

      I followed the walkthrough of this link:


      But after copying the folders and files to the new directory, changing MONyog.ini and MONyogd from init.d when I start I have a permission error denied.
      I could not see anything because it did not generate anything in the LOG.

      can you help me?

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      Sibin A S


      Looks like you are referring to an incorrect doc. The doc describes how to run Monyog as an unprivileged user.

      If the growing Monyog directory size is your concern, then you can move just the data folder to a different directory. Please follow the steps below,

      1. Stop the Monyog service
      2. Goto the file path >> “/usr/local/MONyog/” and open the ‘MONyog.ini‘ file and edit the ‘Data_path‘ parameter and give the path where you want to store the Monyog data
      3. Start the Monyog service


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