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Percentage Of Full Table Scan – Index Usage

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      Could you make me clear with this topic that How its working and the necessary steps I could start to reduce the percent.

      Its stuck with 95 to 98 of load in “Percentage of full table scan”……..

      And am using Monyog Trial 6.51 version……..

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      The counter “Percentage of full table scan” gives the percentage of tables accessed by full table scans, i.e, when the data was fetched without using any index. A high value like 95-98% for this counter indicates that you are not using indexes for accessing the tables resulting into full scans. If your table size is huge, then this value can be critical as it would be taking longer time to fetch data, resulting into degrading your server performance. It is always recommended to use indexes to improve query execution time while fetching/Querying data, so use of indexes will help you bring down the high percentage value for this counter.


      You can use slow-query-log with the option “log-queries-not-using-indexes” enabled to find the queries which are not using indexes, once you have identified the queries, you can create the appropriate indexes or rewrite the queries to use indexes.






      Team MONyog. 

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      Thanks foo the support…I spotted the queries….. 🙂  🙂

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