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Paste Sql Statement – But Only To Clipboard?

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    The ‘Paste SQL Statement is extremely useful because it pastes directly into the Query editor at the cursor position – but at the same time a bit annoying for exactly the same reason!


    Frequently I want to, for instance, place a SELECT statement as a sub query but need to make considerable changes to it first so I don’t want it put in my main statement just yet. Sometimes I don’t even want it in the SQLYog editor yet.


    It is possible to have another option in the context menu to allow both


    ‘Paste SQL Statement’


    and also


    ‘Copy SQL Statement to clipboard’


    that does the same thing but just puts the chosen statement onto the clipboard, allowing the user to paste it wherever they wish, even into a different application?

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    I am sorry, but I am not able to understand/recognize the context. Where are we exactly in the program interface?

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    When writing a query, right click on any table in the database explorer panel. You will see the context menu shown in the attachment. The top item allows you to insert a choice of statements into a query you are working on. That’s where I’d also like an option to get the same choice of statements, but just put onto the clipboard (preferably even if I’m not writing a query).


    Interestingly, in the query designer window, right clicking on the generated sql gives options to both copy to clipboard and copy to new query tab, that’s the sort of behaviour I’m, looking for but available when right clicking on a table in the explorer.

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    YES!  Great idea.

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