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Mysql Repair Cron

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      There doesn't really seem to be a most appropriate forum for this question, so I am asking here hope you don't mind..

      I'd like some help with setting up a MySQL optimise and repair tools CRON on a Linux server for a database that seems to get corrupt tables every now and then

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      You can use a SJA 'Notifications Service' Job for this.

      Just execute a statement like

      repair  table `test`.`t1`;

      with that 'Notifications Job' and schedule that job with CRON.

      Further you can repair manually from SQLyog .. tools .. table diagnostics. When it is done like this you can copy the SQL to use with SJA from the HISTORY pane.

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      But maybe it was better to find the reason for that corruption and eliminate that reason? Such corruption probably is corruption of indexes. Corrupted indexes could lead to corruption of data themselves.

      Appropriate use of LOCK's, FLUSH's etc. with the scripts could be the way out …

      And you could insert a Check table tablename in the scripts and 'pick up' the server response (variable 'Msg_text'). If it is not 'OK' then you found the place where things start to go wrong.

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