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Multiple Connections / Sessions / Threads For Migration

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      Sorry if this has already been discussed – i did search but didn’t find anything.


      Some background – im looking to migrate a large (40G:cool: database from MSSQL to MySQL – there are 273 tables in the database and they range from a couple of rows to over 10 million rows. I’m evaluating the tools available at the moment for a migration over a weekend with minimum downtime. The database contains data for an application that is used by many of our customers so the downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.


      I would like to know if i can allocate more connections or threads or sessions to the connection to the source database – it seems that using a single connection, as i have seen during testing, means that to transfer that amount of data is taking a huge amount of time. I havent looked at the sync tool just the import from external source – so i guess that could be another option ?


      I have used the MySQL Workbench migration tools and while that does allow multiple connections to be opened it doesnt migrate all of the data correctly – mainly due to some character conversion issues – which so far i havent experienced with SQLyog.



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      Sibin A S



      It is only possible to execute import from an external source one at a time. You may also refer how to copy the tables using incremental import sessions. For more information, please refer our doc >> http://sqlyogkb.webyog.com/article/283-copy-tables-from-the-data-source-incremental-import-sessions


      You can use the ‘Save & Schedule it using Windows scheduler’ option to schedule the import to be executed at any particular time. For more information, please refer our doc, here >> http://sqlyogkb.webyog.com/article/285-job-use-choices




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