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      I sent 2 emails without any response, so I’ll try it here…


      I purchased SQLYog a while back, and got numerous updates. I’ve just finished installing all my software on my new computer, but I can’t use those updates because my license is invalid for them. All I can use now is version 9.32, while the last version in my payed subscription is 12.16.

      So – how can I get 12.16 to work on my new PC?

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      Hi Zaph,


      Please write us to @webyog.com">sales@webyog.com or @webyog.com">support@webyog.com. We will look into it surely. We cannot discuss any licence issues here on the forums for security reasons. If you have sent any emails to anyone of these mail IDs, may I please know which one did you write to? We will look into how was this missed.



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      I sent one (not two, my bad memory) to @webyog.com">sales@webyog.com at january 12th, 14:39 CET in response to an expiration email.

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      Hi Zaph,


      Unfortunately, we’re unable to track any email that you’re referring. It may be a case that it could have been lost in our spam/junk folders.


      Please could you call me at +1(408)-675-6814 or email me at @webyog.com">abhishek@webyog.com, I’d love to get this sorted for you ASAP.



      Abhishek Sharma

      Manager- Key Accounts

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      Thanks – I just sent you an email!

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      Solved – thanks again, Abhishek!

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      I think you guys stopped supporting customers.
      I’ve already writte three emails but no response at all.
      Do you still selling that software?

Viewing 6 reply threads
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