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Monyog With Percona/galera/haproxy Cluster

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      We're currently testing an HA MySQL cluster using Percona XtraDb server with Galera replication behind a 2 node HAproxy cluster which is using round-robin to load balance across 3 MySQL nodes.

      If so what configuration options should be set to so that metrics for the cluster as a whole can be collated?

      I know I can configure each node individually and get the metrics for each node, but I would like to have an aggregate of that data.

      Attached are a couple of screenshots of what I'm seeing;

      dashboard.jpg shows a connection to the cluster via HAProxy (perconacluster) and connections to each node perconatest01/02/03

      I was hoping the perconacluster connection would be an aggregate. I would image for this to work there would need to be some additional configuration such as that provided with MySQL Proxy, is this a correct assumption? Does the use of MySQL Proxy provide that kind of visibility?

      realtime-via-haproxy.jpg shows real time stats for the cluster, here I am only seeing queries and connections from the user account configured in Monyog, which is odd because there is a user connecting to a database serving a drupal website that was in active use in our test environment when that screenshot was taken. Even though based on what I see on the dashboard I don't expect an aggregate of activity across all nodes, I would expect to see SOME connectivity by that user.

      Will Monyog even work with this kind of environment? If not are there any plans to implement features to handle this kind of environment?

      I know I have covered a lot of ground here but any insight into these issues and my needs would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance


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