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Monyog Disk Space Mom Working

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      How does MONYog MOM calculates Disk space free for all the mounted partitions.


      I am more interested towards  MONyog.System.Disk.sys_disk_free_innodb MOM .


      How does MOnyog calcualtes ? how does monyog system MOM finds out the current Data directory or Innodb directory for Disk monitoring ?


      How can i change those function and what will  MONyog.System.Disk.sys_disk_free_innodb function will return ?


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      MONyog calculates the volume usage by executing ‘df’ command on the target machine. MONyog gets the information about data directory(and the volume where it resides) from 3 different system variables: basedir, tmpdir and innodb_data_home_dir.

      MONyog.System.Disk.sys_disk_free_innodb returns the amount of free space which is left on the volume where InnoDB data resides.

      For more info on other MOMs related to disk monitoring, please refer: http://monyogkb.webyog.com/article/108-monyog-object-model 

      You can use the other MOMs to create a new monitor or change the behaviour of an existing monitor but you cannot add any extra MOM.

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      OK our Innodb data resides on some other mounts not on base dir location and our innodb-data-home_dir is empty .In this case it should look for datadir variable.

      Does monyog checks datadir variable to find out the right data directory? because its always innodb_data_home_dir always in datadir .

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