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Monitoring Filesystem Space – Specific Mount Points

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      We are currently using MONyog version 6.1,

      I would like to know is there is a way to monitor space on specific mount points.

      If not when will you be introducing it.


      Is there a way I can add monitors to MONyog to monitor it,

      As your help page is not doing a good JOB to give idea of how to add monitors,

      and the list of all available functions that it’s using.


      Please modify your help, so we can understand it better and able to tweak and add extra stuff for our needs.


      Mohammed Danish Amber

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      This is not possible. and we also have no plans to introduce it in MONyog. Maybe you could have a look at another Monitoring tool of ours: Sealion: https://sealion.com/. 


      MONyog is intended for monitoring MySQL (with a few additional monitors for the underlying OS, if it is Linux). We have no plans to expand MONyog into a tool for OS monitoring, file system monitoring etc. With Sealion you can monitor anything based on a single-line command. This is the orignal blog announcing Sealion: http://blog.sealion.com/post/62987598857/why-did-we-create-sealion

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