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Maintenance Window

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    Hi guys

    I'musing a MySQL backup tool nightly, to take a snapshot of all databases.

    Every time the backup runs, MonYog sends me a dozen or so long-running query alerts

    These long-running query alerts are essential during the day, but I need to define a 'maintenance window' during which MonYog does not send me alerts

    Is there a way to define this in MonYog Enterpris 5.2? Or does anyone have an alternate suggestion?

    I've considered using batch files and Scheduled Tasks to stop and restart the MonYog service, but this seems messy and prone to error, plus it will reset the 'warm-up' time every night

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    Ofcourse!! You can manage it using MONyog API, You need curl tool to be installed for it to make a HTTP call (http://curl.haxx.se/download.html)

    Below is an example of MONyog running on local machine wherein using MONyog API you can disable Long running queries and enable again for a server named “TestServer”

    This action will not log Long Running Queries in MONyog's embedded database and hence it will not send notification email alerts.

    To disable:

    D:Curl>curl.exe "


    To enable:

    D:Curl>curl.exe "


    You can schedule using Windows scheduler in Windows or using cronjob in Linux

    You can refer MONyog API section in documentation for further options which can be helpful for `Maintainance Window`


    Please let us know if you need any help.



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