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      Hello team,

      i noticed a very scary and dangerous behaviour that only sometimes occure.

      When you have opened a database, a tab with that database appears (yihaaa).

      Now when opening an other database the focus jumps not to the new opened database but to the already earlier opened database. This happens mostly if opening a local- and after that a remote database.

      You will agree that when not paying attention you are gonna alter the wrong database in the wrong tab.

      Can you reproduce this?

      System is WindowsXP with the latest service packs.

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      You mentioned:

      When you have opened a database, a tab with that database appears

      Do you mean when you connect to a server? Could you attach a screenshot?



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      You should also tell the SQLyog version you are using.

      If you think that a (static) screenshot will not explain, we can arrange a shared session. In that case please contact us at [email protected]

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      Besides it is not correct that a 'tab for a database' will appear. In the upper area there is a tab for each open connection (and each connection may access one, more or all databases on the server connected to). Also connections do not communicate with each others. If you want to work with 2 databases (and only 2) at a time specify the names of the databases in the connection manager separated with “;” and that particular connection will have access to the 2 databases specified.

      Maybe this image explains?


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      I mean this tabs, focus is jumping to first opened tab when connecting to new db (not allways that is the problem).

      It happens randomly.


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      OK .. when you wrote “when connecting to new db” I understand you mean “when connecting to new server”. The terminology confused. Waht you have here are 2 different connections (it is actually the same as when you have 2 SQLyog instances open).

      We have not seen this in our own testing and have no similar reports, but we will try to reproduce it. If you find a way to reproduce it on demand please provide more details or accept the invitation to a shared session.

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      O.k. Peter i will,

      thank you.

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