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How To Create Own Own Custom Monyog Advisor

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      I have been using MONyog from long time,

      I need help, on creating advisor.

      I want to create custom advisor to monitor certains MySQL parameters,

      Can any one guide me, on how to create one,

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      You can follow these steps given in our documentation for adding a custom advisor. You need to enable this advisor using certain MySQL parameters, which I’ll assume you meant the global status and global variables. You can make use of the MOM (MONyog Object Model) to access these variables and create a custom counter. For example if you want to access the global variable log_warnings and global status Aborted_connects, you can do it using MOM in the following way:





      You can use this in the Value field inside the JavaScript function. To know more about on how to Add a new monitor/advisor in MONyog please refer to these links:





      If you still face any issue, please write back to us.

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