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Hi Simple feature would make my life easier (Custom Filter)

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    zzapper zzapper

    At present you have = , < ,>, <> and like

    I would like a second like with the %% built in.

    and secondly:-

    Please let the filter remember the last setting (for adjustment)

    and thirdly (this would a dream) a button to copy the generated query

    Great fan of SQlYog

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    Sibin A S


    1) Currently, there’ no option to add %% around the text, you need to manually type %% around the search text.

    2) The “Filter” icon in the Result window refreshes the existing filter and provides an option to create a new filter.
    In your case, once a filter is created, you can use the existing filter to add/modify it by selecting the corresponding cell in the table data and right-click on it and select the “Custom Filter” option from the option-list (“Filter -> Custom Filter”) to retain/use the filter. Please refer to the screenshot, here

    3) We have added the feature request to our tracker, here, but the priority is yet to be assigned.


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